Bump Chart in Tableau

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Using Bump Chart, we can compare one dimension against another dimension using one measure value.

For Example: In the below visual you can compare Product Sub Categories against Segments basis of sum of sales.

Steps to Create BumpChart in Tableau :

We are using in this example, sample superstore dataset provided by tableau.

    • Drag Sub-Category in columns
    • Sales in Rows
  • Apply Rank formula in Rows, RANK(SUM(SALES))
Python Training
  • Create Line Chart
  • Drag Segment over Color shelf
  • Compute RANK(SUM(SALES)) by segment
  • Create secondary field using RANK(SUM(SALES))
  • Learn Excel online
  • Sort Axis by smallest to largest
  • Synchronize Axis
  • Change second RANK(SUM(SALES)) axis as Circle Shape
  • Drag RANK(SUM(SALES)) over labels

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April 2, 2019

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