How to create comparative line chart in Excel with combo box?

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Check below a sample comparative line chart with combo box, which will give a cool comparison look to your data. With the help of combo box you can focus on each region and can compare it with others. Click Here to download a sample workbook.Comparative line Chart

Step to create cool comparative line cart in excel:

1) Add reference, row or column in your data. Here I have added reference row (see the below screen shot).

2) Now create the line chart by selecting the whole data. For creating line chart, Select data > Click Insert Tab > select Line chart.

3) Change the line color of East, West, North and South Region to light cream and Reference1 line color to red.

4) Now add the combo box control form developer tab under Control Panel > Insert box. Right click on combo box select Form Controls. In input range select C3:C4 and cell link C1.

5) Now insert Offset function in reference row (from cell C7:H7).
Cell C7 = “=OFFSET($C$2,$C$1,0)”
Cell D7 = “=OFFSET($C$2,$C$1,1)”
Cell E7 = “=OFFSET($C$2,$C$1,2)”
Cell F7 = “=OFFSET($C$2,$C$1,3)”
Cell G7 = “=OFFSET($C$2,$C$1,4)”
Cell H7 = “=OFFSET($C$2,$C$1,5)”

Note: To learn more about Offset function click here

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November 15, 2019

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