This course will help you to create dynamic, interactive charts in excel. In each exercise, you will learn techniques to create customized charts in excel.

You will get course workbooks and three sample dashboards to do practice in this course.

These tutorials will give you career-building skills that you can use to become better in Data Analysis and Visualization using Excel.

Topics which we will cover in our exercise are:

1) Custom and Conditional Formatting, Advanced Excel Formulas

2) Charts and Custom Charting

3) Excel Pivot Tables

4) Advanced Excel Formulas

5) Interactive Charts

6) Excel Dashboard Designing: Sales, Product and Call Center Dashboard

So go ahead and learn from the following in-depth Data Analysis and Excel Dashboarding.

Line Chart in Excel

Excel Certification

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Line Chart in Excel

Call-Center-Dashboard in Excel
Sales Dashboard in excel

Course Curriculum

Custom Formatting – Part 1FREE 00:09:00
Custom Formatting – Part2FREE 00:15:00
Conditional Formatting – Part 1 00:16:00
Conditional Formatting – Part2 00:16:00
Dollar Use and IF Formula 00:11:00
Data Validation 00:18:00
Goal Seek in Excel 00:04:00
Text Functions in Excel 00:09:00
VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Formulas 00:07:00
Offset, Index and Match Formulas 00:08:00
Pivot Table Designing 00:11:00
Pivot Table Designing Part2 00:16:00
Pivot Table-Part 2 (Show Values As and Group By) 00:16:00
Calculated Fields 00:15:00
Pivot Charts 00:11:00
Pivot Slicer and Dashboard 00:17:00
Chart Creation in Excel 00:08:00
Custom Indicators in Excel Charts 00:09:00
Bullet Graph in Excel 00:12:00
Step Chart in Excel 00:07:00
Pareto Chart in Excel 00:10:00
Waterfall Chart in Excel 00:06:00
Progress Chart in Excel 00:06:00
Bump Chart in Excel 00:17:00
Name Ranges in Excel 00:07:00
Interactive Chart Using Combobox 00:06:00
Interactive Chart Using Radio Button 00:16:00
SALES DASHBOARD: Introduction 00:03:00
Sales Dashboard: Section1 Introduction 00:05:00
Sales Dashboard: Section 1 00:21:00
Sales Dashboard: Section2 00:17:00
Sales Dashboard: Section3 00:17:00
Sales Dashboard: Section 4 00:00:00
Sales Dashboard: Section 5 00:16:00
Sales Dashboard: Final Formatting 00:12:00
Call Center – Dashboard Understanding 00:04:00
Call CENTER DASHBOARD Section-1-Part-1 00:23:00
CALL CENTER DASHBOARD Section1-Part2 00:18:00
CALL CENTER DASHBOARD Section-2 Part-1 00:20:00
CALL CENTER DASHBOARD Section-3 00:11:00
PRODUCT DASHBOARD Section-1-A.B-and-C 00:19:00
PRODUCT DASHBOARD Section-1-Part-2 00:14:00
PRODUCT DASHBOARD Section-2 00:07:00
PRODUCT DASHBOARD Section-3 00:06:00

Course Reviews


47 ratings
  • 5 stars31
  • 4 stars10
  • 3 stars6
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. rachit bansal


    This course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel has provided me with the fundamental knowledge required to execute pivot table functions for data analysis and unlock new ways of interacting with data. Prior to this course, I was having trouble seeing how all of the components of Excel came together to work with large data sets effectively. I now feel much more confident in my abilities to navigate Excel as a whole and can see where other aspects, such as formulas and charts, can be applied properly to strengthen analytics deliverable.

  2. neel shrivastva


    This is by far one of the best courses Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel I’ve attended — even better than all the live training workshops I’ve ever attended. Comprehensive, detailed, well-paced, and digestible in bite-sized lessons. Excellent course!

  3. Rajeev Kanaujia


    Interesting course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel as every one in the world over data is king and using data to get insights is what each and every organization is doing at the moment

  4. chhaya gupta


    I like the examples which are covered in this Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel course. I believe they can come in handy to solve problems when working in Excel. This course is a good one to start off with to learn some basic data analysis.

  5. Indresh bansal


    Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel has been very helpful for me. I never explored the excel pivot capabilities and relied mostly on other tool capabilities. With this course I could get the analysis completed faster and also share it with others much easily as many recipients already have Microsoft tools running on their systems. I am really happy and proud that I selected this course for myself and would recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about data analysis using Pivot.

  6. mohit rajput


    Great Course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel, feels like it could’ve been a bit longer to include a bit more since I felt like I was skipping steps and not really understanding all the lessons taught. Overall, very good! I recommend a more basic course though if this is you are an Excel beginner

  7. nikita singh


    This course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel was exactly what I was looking for on how to navigate pivot charts and tables. I look forward to taking the data visualization course in the future! I came in confident in my ability to figure anything in Excel out on my own, via google. This course showed me how wrong I was. It would have taken me a considerable amount of time to do this all on my own, and I still wouldn’t have been able to do half of what is shown in this course. I highly recommend Lokesh!!!

  8. Hitesh Rajora


    Clear concise speech. I gave you 5 stars because it was an amazing course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel and I learned tons, however the case studies let me down. I was expecting more larger projects with more insight. I would have appreciated if you took even just one of those data sets and dove way way deeper into it. Anyways thanks for the course, still very helpful for me

  9. prakhar bansal


    Lokesh’ class was perfect for me. I didn’t have a lot of experience using pivot tables. Lots of content and a bunch of case studies to get your feet wet. I think this class covers the basics as well as many advanced concepts. I would recommended it if you are looking to get a better grasp on pivot tables.

  10. preeti sahu


    This was a great straightforward course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel in basics to advanced concepts in pivot tables and data analysis. I took this course to make me more efficient at work- I can already see how this new found knowledge will save me hours and hours of time doing analysis that I had been largely doing by hand (and unsuccessfully so), allowing me to accomplish more, reduce stress, and spend more time with my family. Definitely worth it- will be taking other courses as well!

  11. prakhar ahuja


    This is my third course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel from Lokesh Sir in the row and I do not have any regret. I am on my way to became Excel professional:) thanks to excellent teacher. I particularly appreciate case studie’s approach and underlying the practical use of each chart and function.

  12. deepak


    This is a tremendous course. The instruction is to the point, well designed, and delivered with expertise. Learning activities are provided that help you apply the learning alongside the instruction and the learning assignments secure the retention of skills learned. This course has helped me grow professionally as an individual by; developing my mastery of data analysis, empowering me to complete complex tasks in my work, equipping me with skills to produce data visualization and interpretation which has stood out to my employer. I look forward to taking the rest of the EC Analytics’ and Lokesh Paliwal courses.

  13. pooja shrivastva


    Lokesh Sir is an excellent teacher. I started with his course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel for advance formulas in excel. I found his instruction so clear and helpful that I enrolled in his other courses, which led me to these lessons on Pivot Tables. In each course, Lokesh provides experienced, time-saving advice, and his lessons will enable you to create polished analyses in excel. Enroll now and impress yourself with how quickly you will learn!

  14. yogendra pratap singh


    I wanted to improve my Excel chart skills, and this totally fits the bill! There are many graphs and types of data in the examples that aren’t part of my daily routine nor applicable to what I do, but it was really refreshing and fun, to see how powerful Excel can be.

    Lokesh is a great lecturer, and you can see how well curated everything is – the slides, his speech, and the training excel sheets with the exercises and the solutions. I’m looking forward to starting the other two Excel courses that he did as well!

  15. Manish singh


    Excellent instruction that allows seamless learning of some very useful pivot table features. The case studies are fantastic and allow you to apply your newly learned skills in a variety of ways, where very different data needs to be analysed. Thank you!

  16. sumit jadon


    Overall it was a good experience. The good learning experience came from case studies which were excellent and it was that my preference of choosing this course when compared to other courses in other site.

  17. sunil yadav


    You will get some basic knowledge of pivot-table and pivot-chart drilled down to your brain. It has that quiz (and good sample data) to help you review things that you just learned. But, you will need to invest more time in order to apply it in real-life business situation.

  18. swapnil agrwal


    Overall, this was a very educational course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel. I enjoyed it more than I expected. It was a lot for me to take in, but I think it will make more sense as I apply it to my daily work on the job.

    I appreciate the easy way Lokesh explained each process and the insightful Pro-tips.

  19. surya kant


    Good Explanation course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel with an examples, but the data selected for case study could have been better.

  20. Amit mishra


    Great course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel. The material is clearly explained and easy to follow. The case studies at the completion, are an excellent resource to implement the material explained in the course and provide a broad range of applications on how to maximise the power of pivot tables.

  21. Abhishek tiwari


    Very nice course indeed..

    Lokesh Paliwal is a Data analytics expert and his knowledge on the subject is excellent.

    He answers all the questions you ask promptly.

    Although some of the charts were not available in my version of Excel i could enjoy the lecture..

    Learned many things which i was not aware before the beginning of the course.

    Thank you..

  22. Darvin


    Thanks a lot for this course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel, which really systematically elaborates important concepts of PIVOT, and shares many useful tips that I’ll hardly find on my own. I’ve learned the PIVOT from this course in only 2 days and it has actually enabled me to work on the data instantly!

  23. karan


    Another good course from Lokesh Paliwal.

    I really apreciate the style and clearness of Lokesh in his explanations.

    The course covers many topics included best practises and really useful tips to get the best of the data visualization in Excel.

  24. anand


    This course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel was excellent and actually helped me stand out in my job role. I am now in the process of applying to more jobs related to data analytics and even have my first interview. This course gave me the confidence that I needed. Loved the instructor’s teaching style, and will definitely be taking more of his courses in the future.

  25. Arti sharma


    Great course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel , everything was well explained and moved at a good pace. Not too slow but not too quickly. Resources and downloads were super helpful and well done too! The best part though are the projects at the end – this is how I knew I had really retained the information and made me confident in my ability to use it in my current job.

  26. Sumit Singh


    I really enjoyed the course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel and defenietlly will continue with other courses from this instructor. The whole structure was really well organized into sections and lectures, so it was easy to see at which level you are currently. I really appreciate additional tips (like Alt HVF), which actually are not direct part of data visualisation, but are worth to know, this will make my life easier. The second part with dynamic graphs – cool! I look forward to use in at my work. Thanks!

  27. shourya aseeja


    The course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel was great. From almost day one I was able to start applying what I was learning. I learned a lot I didn’t already know and gained insight at coming at analysis from a different angle. The lessons were easy to follow and nothing seemed over my head. I was able to comprehend not only how to do what was done but why we were doing it. Definitely increased my professional skills. Thank you!

  28. akshay agnihotri


    Excellent course: Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel

    -super clear step-by-step (and extremely relevant) instructions

    -learning by doing and repetition

    -the final case studies beats the material into your head

    -also, something which shouldn’t be taken for granted — native English speaker who spoke clearly throughout

  29. servester walter


    After finishing Lokesh Paliwal lecture on Pivot Tables I was highly motivated to explore data analytics through visualization. His course on data vis was awesome! Lokesh is a great teacher, very thorough and thoughtful in his approach to teaching, and answer questions in a timely manner. Thank you!

  30. atul patel


    Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel Course was a good match for me, the majority of the charts demonstrated I can see myself using or at least it is now good to have the knowledge of what is possible from a visualization point of view in excel.

  31. Rashid Khan


    This is the third course I have taken with Lokesh Paliwal. It was outstanding, just like the others. The course is packed with examples and Lokesh guides you through them with clear explanations. I learned techniques that I am able to use in my job right away. Thank you Lokesh for another great course!

  32. vaibhav singh


    I was familiar with excel functions and analytics before, but had a very poor knowledge about creating graphs. The course was super informative in that field, and I am glad taking it.

    The instructor’s explanations are very clear and in a good pace, and Lokesh is totally a pro in excel graphs.

    Thanks Lokesh for a meaningful course!

  33. Arti kushwaha


    The course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel has been really useful in helping me improve my excel knowledge and skill. I have used excel on and off for years, but use in more now in my analysis role at work and wanted to refresh and update my knowledge.

    The course has been brilliant so far in helping me do this.

  34. ayush pandey


    The course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel is well paced and gives you the opportunity to practice the concepts covered with well designed exercises. I highly recommend to anybody who wants to increase their knowledge on excel and pivot tables.

  35. himanshu singh


    Thank you Lokesh Sir, for this amazing course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel and experience. The course is really fluid, simple and content wise, one of the top I have subscribed to till date. I would enhance your data modelling and data analysis capabilities as pivot is a MUST. Thank you !

  36. akash


    Clear, step by step guide on various excel functions. Practice exercises and assignments to help apply concepts learnt are very useful, as this is the hard part. Would be excellent if there is more guidance on thought process/frameworks in deciding how best to approach real-life analyst cases using excel.

  37. vishal katiyar


    Like every other course from EC Analytics, this was amazing. I did mostly all of them from the beginning of this year, and I must admit it helped me a lot with my stuff.

    Pivots are really helpful and really powerful options in Excel, and for everyone that is “into” Excel and Data Analytics/Vizs.

    What was amazing for me, well, that Bonus examples part, amazing how you can do it and implement Pivots in “everyday” work. Lot of tips and tricks.

    Highly recommended!!! I am looking forward for more courses on this topic Analyzing and Visualizing with Pivots, Queries and PowerBI!

  38. Aditya Patel


    Interesting course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel, good overview of all the different charts and their possibilities, but for me it only became interesting during the last chapters with the more advanced stuff. The instructor is very knowledgeable, so I will be happy to check out his other, more advanced courses!

  39. vivek solanki


    This course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel is helpful because the concept of each episode is clear and detailed, and the content is tough-attached. Also, the skill of each section is real useful and easy-understanding. Recommend this course for both beginner and sophisticate.

  40. akash singh


    Defiantly worth recommending this course šŸ™‚ . I had knowledge about Pivot Tables, but thanks to this course I learned a few important tricks šŸ™‚ Thanks Lokesh,

  41. mithlesh tiwari


    Lokesh has a natural ability to explain clearly and easily some difficult topics.

    This course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel has really elevated my skills on data visualization (which is part of my daily work) , by giving us some useful tips and different perspectives on all the possible graphs.

    Also, he showed us how easily create some complex graphs, by simply adding-up some simple ones.

    His lessons on how to create some dynamic graphs are something invaluable, which really help us bringing the visualization to a different level.

  42. satyam Rao


    A course that is very well organised. The first part builds a solid foundation in creating different types of chart. The second part introduces more advanced techniques which whilst stretching are achievable and this is down to the excellence of the first part of the course. Highly recommended.

  43. manisha baghel


    I have been learning this course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel for one month and I must tell you all out there that this is the best excel analytics course I have ever come across. The best part of this course is the case studies which gave me all the required knowledge about the pivot table use.

  44. Shireen Fatima


    Very good course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel! Love the structure and the short put precise explanations. Unfortunately I have an older excel version and a slower in adapting the new knowledge. But course material is great to follow, thanks. Exactly what I needed.

  45. Excellent Course


    I went from knowing absolutely nothing in excel to building outstanding dashboards using Advanced for my company in less than 2 months with 95% of the credit due to this course. Highly recommend.

  46. srajan bhardwaj


    Incredible course and content. The instructor provides you with all the data you need to follow along and quickly learn some incredible charting and dashboarding functions that Excel is capable of. Awesome course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel !

  47. udita singh


    This is an awesome course Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel, I have never touched Pivot Tables, and this course goes from 0 to 10 in an easy pace, easy to follow method with exercises. Now I can do my job tasks much better. This course is Highly recommended !

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