During this course, you will build a foundation of working with Excel Macros and VBA. This foundation will be built as you engage and participate in project-based Excel Macro/VBA exercises, detailed throughout the lectures within this course. Each of the projects will build upon one another, introducing a new concept each time, starting with the basic building blocks of automating any task within Excel and ending with a fully customized Excel VBA project that will automate a series of Excel tasks.In this course we will learn Report Automation using VBA.

As you engage and participate in this course, you will be introduced to the wonders of creating simple Macros through the Macro Recorder and then quickly take you into the world of Excel VBA where you will experience building a more dynamic, robust experience for yourself and your peers.

Each project contains exercise files that you can download and use to complete the assigned Excel Macro/VBA projects. The course also contains detailed instructions through the video lectures as well as a series of PDF documents that you can reference as you complete the projects.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction and Overview
Excel VBA Day 1 – April’19 00:00:00
Excel VBA Day2 – April’19 00:00:00
Excel VBA Day3 April’19 00:00:00
Excel VBA Day4 April’19 00:00:00
Excel VBA Day 5 April’19 00:00:00
Excel VBA Day6 April’19 00:00:00
Excel Macro Recorder
The Object Model
Referencing Ranges, Worksheets and Workbooks with VBA
Working with Variables
IF Conditioanl Statement
Select Case Statement
With End With
Built-In Functions
User Defined Functions - UDF
Error Handling
Userform Designing and Activex Controls
Charting with VBA
Pivot Tables with VBA
ADO - Data Connections

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