Course Curriculum

Introduction to Power BI 00:10:00
In this lesson, you will get an understanding of Business Intelligence, Power BI, Prower BI products and Power BI architecture.
Power BI Desktop 00:07:00
Data Load in Power BI 00:08:00
Power Query Editor
Power Query Editor 00:11:00
Text Transformation 00:12:00
Date Transformation in Power BI 00:09:00
Number Transformation 00:10:00
Group By in Power Query Editor 00:04:00
Replace, Fill and Data Type 00:09:00
Pivot and Unpivot in Power BIFREE 00:06:00
Merge Query in Power Query Editor 00:12:00
Append Queries in Power Query Editor 00:06:00
Data Modeling in Power BI
What is Data Modeling? 00:21:00
Data Modeling Demo 00:07:00
Date Dimension Table 00:05:00
Data Visualization in Power BI
Matrix Visual 00:11:00
Conditional Formatting 00:19:00
Funnel Chart 00:09:00
Percentage Calculations 00:14:00
Treemap Chart 00:07:00
Ribbon Chart 00:04:00
Waterfall Chart 00:06:00
Slicers 00:05:00
Map Charts 00:08:00
Specific Location Map Chart 00:07:00
Edit Interactions in Power BI 00:00:00
DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) in Power BI
Difference between Calculated Columns and Measures 00:08:00
Difference between Implicit and Explicit Measures 00:05:00
IF Logical Function 00:12:00
Switch and Iferror 00:06:00
Text Functions in Power BI
Text Functions 00:11:00
Format Function 00:15:00
Filter Functions
ALL Function 00:11:00
Related Function 00:04:00
Filter Function 00:08:00
UseRelationship Function 00:09:00
Calculate Function 00:11:00
Iterator Functions
Iterators 00:07:00
Time Intelligence Functions
DatesMTD, DatesQTD, and DatesYTD 00:12:00
Previous Day, Previous Month, Previous Quarter, and Previous Year 00:12:00
Same Period Last Year Function DAX 00:11:00
Dates in Period (Moving Average Calculations) 00:11:00
Dates Between 00:05:00
Advanced Charts
Scatter plot Chart 00:11:00
Time Series Forecasting Chart in Power BI 00:05:00
Q and A – AI Visual 00:04:00
AI Visuals Key Influencer in Power BI 00:03:00
Histogram Chart 00:06:00
Pareto Chart in Power BI 00:00:00
Financial Statement Case Study
Introduction to Financial Statement Dashboard in Power BI 00:05:00
Section 1 Income Statement – Gross Sales Calculations – Bullet Graph 00:24:00
Section 2 Income Statement – Percentage Change Calculation and Custom Tool tip 00:27:00
Section 3 Income Statement – Discount Calculations 00:14:00
Section 4 – Net Sales Calculations 00:16:00
Section 5 – Cost of Goods Calculations 00:13:00
Section 6 – Gross Profit and Expense Calculations 00:22:00
Section 7 – Taxes Calculations 00:10:00
Section 8 – Net Profit Calculations 00:07:00
Section 9 – Header and Footer Designing 00:14:00
Power BI Services
Introduction to Power BI Services 00:02:00
How to publish report and workspace creation 00:08:00
How to Edit Report and Prepare Mobile View 00:08:00
Share, Subscribe, Comment and Set Favourites 00:06:00
Scheduling Refresh 00:11:00
Dashboard Creation and Setting Alerts 00:07:00
Power Apps Creation 00:05:00
MTD Report Case Study
HR Analytics Case Study
HR Dashboard Introduction 00:14:00
Head Count Calculations 00:16:00
Attrition Calculations 00:09:00
HR Dashboard – Attrition Percentage 00:10:00
Tenure wise Calculations and Mobile View Dashboard 00:24:00
Sales Dashboard Case Study
Monthly Sales Dashboard Introduction 00:03:00
Data Understanding, Load and Modeling 00:09:00
Monthly sales Dashboard (Final) 00:12:00
Previous Year Sales and Change Percentage 00:13:00
Profit Calculations 00:11:00
Number of Orders 00:06:00
Map Chart 00:05:00
Returns by Months 00:04:00
Top 5 Customers and Products 00:09:00

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