Financial Ratio Dashboard

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Financial Ratio Analysis Dashboard will help you in calculating the Liquidity Ratio, Asset Turnover Ratio, Profitability Ratio, and Financial Leverage Ratio of your business. All you have to do is enter the required information in the Balance Sheet and Income Statement tabs, the dashboard will do the rest.
Financial ratios are useful indicators of a firm.

Financial Ratio Dashboard

Click here to download the dashboard Financial Ratio Analysis_dashboard

Steps to update dashbaord:
1. Update required information in the Balance Sheet
2. Updated Income statement sheet.

now dashboard will do the calculations in the Ratio Analysis sheet and dashboard sheet will get updated with charts and numbers.

What Financial Ratio Analysis do
1. A ratio converts financial information to a percentage, one approach to standardization
2. Each ratios provides a somewhat different analysis
3. Ratios overlap—a problem in one area should show up as problems in other areas
4. The importance of specific ratios differs, based on the purpose of the financial analysis
5. Ratios for the most recent period are usually the most important.

Financial Ratios
1. Liquidity—cash, working capital & cash flow related
2. Activity—turnover ratios as possible efficiency measures
3. Leverage—debt & solvency analysis
4. Performance (or profitability)—bottom line or earnings related

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November 15, 2019

3 responses on "Financial Ratio Dashboard"

  1. This is an amazing excel template! The author is truly talented… It is a wonderful contribution!
    And one of the few that incorporates Du Pont analysis…
    Is there any way, (pretty please, with sugar on top) to get the same template, but instead of months, have several YEARS listed?

    If you can get in touch with Mr. Paliwal, ask him what it would take….

  2. Excellent sheet comprised of all the essential details in a single dashboard.

    Please provide more tools like this. Really appreciated .

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