Doughnut & Pie are Mom and Dad of Speedo Meter Chart

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How to Create Speedometer in Excel?

Speedometers Charts are easy to understand (you can see them in your driving vehicle), Excel wizard offers many chart, expect a Speedo chart. Speedometer chart provides a simple way to represent data. With the help of this tutorial we will create a Speedometer chart (Combination of doughnut and Pie chart). Background is created with the help of doughnut chart and needle with the help of pie chart.
Click Here to download Speedometer Chart Template

Step1: First we need to set the sizes of our speedo zones (Red, Yellow and Green).
Here I have set the Red zone – 15, Yellow – 45 and Green – 40. See the below screen short.

Step 2: Next step is to create doughnut chart with the help of ranges.
Click Insert > Other charts > Doughnut chart

Step 3: Now select the chart and rotate it by 270 degree. To rotate it right click on the donut ring > select Format data series > In Series Option > change the Angle of first slice by 270 degree.

Now by doing this we have positioned sky blue portion at the bottom(See the below screen sort).

Step 4: Now select each of the slices in doughnut and change its color by right click on your mouse button then select Format data point. Make sky blue color portion “No Fill” and other three bands as required. The doughnut chart should look like the below screen sort.

Step 5: Now add the another data series to create needle. Click Select data under Design Tab and add the needle ranges value. I have selected F3:F5 in sample workbook. Now change the chart type to Pie of your new added series in your doughnut chart. (Make sure sum of ranges of doughnut chart should be equal to sum of ranges of Pie).
Step 6: Now rotate the Pie chart by 270 degree as we did with doughnut chart.  Make the two sections your pie chart transparent as we did with doughnut chart and change the color of niddle section.
And also make the background of you pie chart transparent (Mouse right click on pie chart  > Format Chart area > No Fill ) , now you can only see the needle part of your pie chart over doughnut chart.
Step 7: Now delete legends and border outline “no line” (Right click on chart > Format Chart area > Border) of your Pie chart to give beautiful touch to your Speedo chart.
Step 8: Now you can add labels to you Speedo chart. Insert Textbox (Insert Tab > Shapes), Make sure the background and outline of the text box is transparent.

Click Here to download Speedometer Chart Template

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November 16, 2019

2 responses on "Doughnut & Pie are Mom and Dad of Speedo Meter Chart"

  1. My needle -the thin pie chart wedge is in the background, behind the donut wedges. How can bring it forward so it lays over the top?

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