Thermometer Chart in Excel

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In this article we will create a cool thermometer chart in excel. In this type of chart you can represent the data that show the percentage of a value. It keeps a track of a single variable (for e.g. Number of product sold or sales goal etc.)

Click here to download the template.

To create the chart, select the cell with percentage value.


Now in the Insert tab under Chart panel, click Column, and select the column clustered chart.


Now your chart will look like this.


Reduce the Gap width to 0% of data chart. Right click on the blue data bar and click Format Data Series, now change the Gap width to 0%. Delete the legend.


In the same way by selecting the plot are you can change the background fill color to black.

Now right click on the left axis, click on the format axis option.

In the axis option box, click on the fixed radio button of maximum option and type 1 in the text box.


Now your column chart will look like this.


Now to give better look to the chart you can insert the oval at the bottom of the chart.

To Insert, Click on the Insert Tab > Click shapes and select the oval.


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November 15, 2019

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