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Hello Friends,

Let’s talk about dashboard designing today.

Last weekend I was planning to watch “Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation” and I started searching for the movie reviews on google as you all do 🙂 . And while reviewing, thought came into my mind to create the dashboard for the same.

3 Star Conditional Formatting

So here we go with our movie rating dashboard.

Dashboard have “5 Star Reviews” column and other details like star cast, release date and critics/readers rating.

PS: Movie is super kool, I liked it.

Here you can download the Dashboard Template.

You can use the same template to design other dashboards like Sales Dashboard for Customer Satisfaction Ratings.

What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is a graphically representation in the form of charts and tables which initiate us to take action.

How to make it?

I have used below functionality in the dashboard.

  •  Database created with fields(Movie Posters(Image), Release date, Critics/Readers rating and Star Cast)
  •  Icon Sets Conditional Formatting (3 Star Rating)
  • Updated movie poster ranges in the dashboard as Name Range
  • “Worksheet_SelectionChange” Event.

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November 15, 2019

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