Nestle EC Analytics

1. Assets Cuppage Calculation Tool

Asset’s Cuppage tool helps nestle professional teams to calculate cuppage count at the Machine level. This helps them to check the revenue generation from each machine and share the distribution status of machines. The key objectives which we have closed in this project can be summarized as follows:


1. Distributor Level Machinery Status – helps them to understand which machine is at ideal state from 90 days and not generating any revenue, so they can pull it and place it at new location.
2. Cuppage count from each machine by taking care of ingredient constraints.
3. Revenue Generation from machine – After Cuppage calculations tool automatically generates reports to charge rentals at customer level.
4. Dashboard view to help in taking actions as per machine status.

Celestial Earth at EC Analytics

2. Dashboard designing Project for “The Celestial Earth”:

The Celestial Earth provides full life cycle service to the organization starting from resource planning, assessment, reporting of environmental footprints, and finally certification which can provide a comprehensive asset to the organization to go global and fetch various future benefits. Their product is to provide least-cost business process planning to optimize the resource and environmental footprint and corresponding economic benefits for achieving sustained market competitiveness.
We have done a dashboard designing project for them. This dashboard take cares of Supply and Demand pictures of Electricity data. And also give user option to Input data from different forms of supply through controls.
This dashboard is built with good form controls and dynamic charts, which helps user to understand the supply-demand curves easily and user also get options to fluctuate chart and numbers through form controls.

Gazelle EC Analytics

3. Dispatch Planning System for Gazelle Infotech:
Dispatch Planning Tool is an MS Excel Macro based tool designed for Depot Level Inventory Planning and Order Generation for World-leading Tyre Manufacturing organization. The purpose of the tool is to put in business rules that would govern daily order generations and dispatches from Hubs/Mother Warehouse to depots situated all across the country. The key objectives of this tool can be summarized as:


1. Reduce Depot Level Stock-Outs
2. Achieve better distribution and allocation of stocks between all depots
3. Potentially release some Working Capital for Michelin by reducing overall Depot level Inventory
4. Reduce effort and time required for order generation through automation

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