How to perform Cohort Analysis in Tableau

The cohort is a subset of users who are grouped by shared characteristics. Learn how to perform cohort analysis in tableau.

Meet Sean. He is a Marketing Analyst at EC Analytics. He want to perform Cohort Analysis in Tableau. In the year of 2012, from the all new customer which he has acquired through various marketing campaign, the total business he has generated is $ 484,272. Now what he wants to analyse is how much is the share from the customers which he has acquired in 2012(Cohort one) is in the sales 2013, 2014 and so on.

Cohort Understanding

The cohort is a subset of users who are grouped by shared characteristics.

In above problem statement, group of users those we have acquired 2012 is one cohort and Sean want to analyse their performance over the period of time is cohort analysis.

Steps to perform cohort analysis in Tableau using sample superstore dataset

  1. Drag Order date in Columns (grouped as year)
  2. Drag Sum of Sales in rows
  3. Create Stacked column chart using show me tab

Cohort Analyss in Tableau

  1. Create calculated field “Year of Acquisition” using LOD calculation {Fixed [Customer ID]:Min([Order Date])}In Year of acquisition calculated field, we have captured the first transaction date by customer.
  2.  Drag year of acquisition over Color shelf

Top advantages of cohort analysis

  • Cohort analysis helps in identifying the impact of a company’s different marketing activities on a specific group of recipients not being carried away by the noise in the data.
  • Cohort analysis using tableau simplifies the way businesses can run different experiments.
  • This is a valuable tool to test how some characteristics of your business work. You can use it to test the ad content, marketing channel, landing page design and target audience for instance to ascertain their performance.
  • Based on the findings of cohort analysis, it is possible for you to compare between the reach, engagement and conversion for various marketing campaigns to ascertain which aspects added value to the business and which did not work as expected.
  • In a nut shell, LOD Calculations in Tableau forming part of cohort analysis is a kind of marketing analysis that will help you know what is working and what is not working and the ways to modify or adjust your marketing activities in the light of the feedback you receive.
  • One good thing about cohort analysis is that it enables focusing on the efficacy of every marketing activity or a given change on the target audience within a particular time frame.

Hence it makes sense for businesses to spend some time regularly with cohort analysis instead of wasting their valuable time on vanity metrics.



  • Cohort Analyss in Tableau
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