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Work productivity Calculator is the measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of the output generated by workers who mainly rely on knowledge , rather than labor, during the production process. Productivity Calculator template measures your output in a business day in terms of percentage figures. This template will help you to maintain your daily productivity.


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You first need to enter the Team Lead name, Task and Task Duration in “description Worksheet”.

For eg: If you are working in the designing team and your task is to design logo’s. We have entered target of 10 logo designs in 10 hours. This productivity calculator will calculate the productivity in percentage as per your Work Done, Start and End Time in Productivity Calculator Sheet.


And now enter the Task Description, Start Time, End Time, Discussion Time and Work done in Productivity Calculator Sheet table, rest all calculation will be done in “Column I”

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November 15, 2019

2 responses on "Work Productivity Calculator"

  1. Hey Lokesh

    How can I use this productivity calculator for an IT company which is into web designing. where work is measured in hours and we cannot really quantify targets in terms of numbers. Also how do I change the dates?.

    • Hi Nigel,

      This Template is based upon number of work done, I have updated logo design task in description sheet. Kindly check, it might help!
      To update date, enter the start date in cell “D11″.

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